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HCVK #600
HCVK #600
gr. 5.39 EUR

HCVK #600

HCVK #600
HCVK #600
JIS#600 (FEPA F400) corundum grinding stone
Size: 160 x 19 x 10mm
Weight: approx. 70g
​VTSZ 680430 0000

gr. 5.39 EUR
A whetstone for a sharpening system. This whetstone is primarily developed for the Edge Pro Apex sharpening system or its clones. The advantage is that you don't have to worry about maintaining the angle during sharpening due to the design of the system.

Important informations

Haidu grinding stones are hand-made products, therefore the indicated dimensions are informative, the actual size (+-) may differ from the indicated dimensions. The surface of the whetstones can reach from the plane and may contain larger grinding grains than indicated. Small holes and cracks may occur on the surface of the grinding stones. At first, the surface of the whetstones may seem rougher than the indicated grain size, 2-3 times of use may be necessary to reach the true grain size. For the sake of continuous product development, changes in the design and composition of the products are reserved without prior notice. Haidu whetstones are fired ceramic whetstones, they may break if dropped, small pieces of shell may come off or break into pieces.

Using the Haidu whetstones

With water
Soak the pumice stone in water so that the pumice stone is completely covered with water. Depending on the size of the sanding grain, small bubbles will appear on the surface of the water. Let the pumice stone soak in the water for about 10-15 minutes, then it is saturated with water when the water stops on its surface when removed from the water. Then we can start using it. Put it on a non-slip surface - tea towel, dishcloth, folded and moistened kitchen paper towel in several layers - and sharpen the knife while holding it at the right angle. During the operation, we replace the water on the surface of the pumice stone.
After sharpening, clean the surface of the whetstone - you can use the HCZ250 coarse stone for this purpose - then let it dry.
Storage in water does not harm the pumice stone, but in this case the pumice stone may rot. The millstone is not harmed by any household acid or alkali, it can be dried up to a temperature of 250 degrees even in an oven.

With oil
Put oil on the surface of the pumice stone, it is not necessary to soak it, then you can start using it. Any mineral oil can be used, vegetable oil is not recommended because it can go rancid. After use with oil, the pumice stone can be boiled with detergent if we want to continue using it with water.

It is advisable to clean the pumice stone from deposited steel particles after each use. HCZ250 is recommended for all Haidu corundum whetstones. If you clean the surface of the whetstone with the HCZ250 whetstone, soak this stone as well. Place the HCZ250 on the whetstone and move it vigorously back and forth or in a circular motion to remove the worn layer from the surface of the whetstone. Wash off the resulting mud from the surface of this pumice stone.
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